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Updates on the La Jolla harbor seal colony, rookery, and sea lion haulout sites.


Additional updates on the La Jolla Sea Lion Colony and rookery: On August 10, 2021, the City of San Diego  obtained a permit to effect a temporary closure for the Sea Lion rookery area on the bluffs and sand south of the Cove to Boomer beach  (Point La Jolla)  to be in effect until Sept 15, 2021.  Due to continued harassment to the mothers and pups by humans, this management step was deemed to be needed.  A permenant solution is in development.  Sea lion pups cannot swim at birth and if pushed off a bluff by humans, can drown or be severely injured.


Specialized La Jolla tourism information and available here.


Seals and Sea Lions should be observed from a safe viewing distance as close human approach can cause harmful effects on the animals



Harbor Seal Pupping Season Information Sessions with movies/videos were offered in 2019 and early 2020 at the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery in La Jolla 7916 Girard Ave.


Schedule is currently on hold due to Covid and updates for 2022 will be announced here.


Online programs for schools/groups are still being offered.


Website by nature film award winner, STEM lecturer, and pinniped specialist 


Learn more about the documentary, "Sentinels of the Sea", in production and near completion.  


This  full length production  will be looking at pinnipeds  in detail  also featuring expert interviews and amazing topside and underwater footage of these animals in the wild. Red One footage will be included.  This project is supported by many non profit organizations including the Sierra Club national magazine


Featuring the beauty of the ocean and many aquatic habitats, along with fascinating details about animal behavior and biology,  this production looks at issues of critical concern about ocean wildlife including the impacts of disturbance and other human caused factors.  


Help to support this documentary that will educate wide audiences about these animals and their habitats. 




Additional past presentations/projects include

-video documentary  "Harbor Seals of the Coast" shown at Cabrillo National Monument at several festivals; 

-Development of field monitoring skills/ programs for college students;

-STEM Lecture ;

-Mensa program;

-Accolade Global Film Award;

-magazine articles including HSUS online magazine All Animals

-children's book,  " Sugar the Harbor Seal Pup"  has just been published and is available on Amazon.


Contact blueoceanmovie@yahoo.com for more information


Fine Art Prints and cards of harbor seals and sea lions available for sale at Jewels By the Sea in La Jolla. 1237 Prospect St.  Net proceeds help to support the documentary. 



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